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About Transhumanity's Musicoin Jukebox

About The Transhumanity Musicoin Jukebox


It's a brand new music world!


Blockchain technology and the $MUSIC cryptocurrency allow a much better way for musicians and their audiences to interact...

Transhumanity's Musicoin Jukebox (TMJ) is different from the jukebox of yesterday. Some of our older readers have the many fond memories of romance and enjoyment evoked by the jukeboxes of olden days. Now it is time to amplify that experience a 1000 times with new digital technology.

While the olden day juke boxes had perhaps 100 songs by various artists, The TMJ has 1000s of songs by 1500 (and increasing rapidly) artists in your favorite genres. Everything from Rap to Rock to Pop to Experimental to Jazz and Blues. The list is growing every day and soon it will be physically impossible to listen to all your musical choices in this lifetime!

Transhumanity has created a collection of music that appeals to the casual listener and you are invited to listen as much as you like. Those who are more adventurous will dive deeper into the Musicoin catalog to create their own "now-playing que" and traverse the rich variety of musical experiences available from Musicoin.

Musicians who learn that Musicoin immediately pays them premium royalties each time their tunes are streamed will join Musicoin to license and release their original music to gain exposure to the public in addition to financial gain. It's a simple process and can be transacted in less than 5 minutes. Here is your invitation to sign up as a musician: JOIN MUSICOIN

Listeners will also want to join Musicoin in order to tip artists and communicate with them much more closely than was possible under the legacy music industry system. Furthermore, with Musicoin, artists can interact with their fans more closely and even reward their best fans financially in appreciation of their support. It's kind of like reverse tipping;)

The songs on the TMJ are in no way representative of the Musicoin catalog. That would be an almost impossible task because the music is so diverse and large scope. Instead, they have been selected because the artist contributed to the community, have been supportive of me or simply because their music is fantastic.